Sunday, January 24, 2010

Musician Profile

SIERRA CHAVEZ with featured guest the Blackwater Union

Sierra Chavez: "I am twenty-two years old out of Templeton California and I've been playing music for maybe six years...I play banjo, guitar, and a tiny bit of lots of other music makers." Sierra's influences include: Good in all, hound dog pups, paducah Kentucky, california of course, waterjars, your granma's chicken-yard and shakin thru the damp dark green forests on the bus." You can check out Sierra's music here.

the Blackwater Union: "WELp... Straight from the motherlovin west where Gold is still found everyday and where people are becoming more and more like their folks and their folks folks, comes the black water union... Keep your eyes peeled and your women close cause they will come at you like a freight train that you didn't actually know was coming." Have a listen here.

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