Sunday, January 24, 2010

Musician Profile

"SLO county born & raised. I absolutely love folk and old country twang. I love listening to it and creating it. Life's taken me through many highs and lows and my music has always been a depiction of who I am and where I am. We love our banjo, pedal steel, upright bass & brushes on a snare. I released a full length album in 2008 called 'O hear the rattling' under my name. It's based on Ezekiel 37 where God breathes life into dry bones through the prophetic mouth of Ezekiel. My band I strive to do the same; be used to breathe life into our audiences."

O Hear the Rattling” seriously impressed me. The music to me is best described as dark folk, very rich lyrically, with dark melodies and full folk string instrumentation and groove. -Our Rising Sound

You can check out Adam's music here.

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