Monday, January 25, 2010

Musician Profile

AMY WILLIAMS and her band

The first song I ever wrote was about a hummingbird that my sister and I found outside our house when we were little. She seemed to have a broken wing and was in real bad shape. I knew we didn’t have much time so I ran inside to try to find some things to fix her up. When I came back outside she was nowhere to be found. I was puzzled and my heart felt very heavy. Not sure if I was feeling happy or sad, I started singing. I sang about how much I loved and missed her and how I hoped that she was happy and free, and that her wing would work. My sister heard me singing and told me that I was just changing the words to Janet Jackson’s “Again” (How can I be strong I’ve asked myself time and time I’ve said…). Honest mistake. So anyway, since then I’ve had a lot more of those happy/sad/puzzled/heavy moments … and I haven’t ever really stopped singing.