Thursday, February 4, 2010

Haiti Benefit

Below is just a small taste of Jenn's (my beautiful and incredibly talented wife) latest blog on i art u. Click here to read and see the entire post. enjoy.

"the sense of community was palpable on friday evening!
i've never felt anything like it.
a melting pot of
gathered together to do what they could, to help a nation rise.

the elements in the following pictures
create a perfect and intoxicating concoction
that make me weak in the knees!
they create warmth, hope, inspiration and fulfillment.
a feast for my senses and then some!

most importantly i was struck with an epiphany.
for once i deeply grasped what we as people should be doing...
and how we as a community should be living and loving! "

"a HUGE thank you goes out to each and every one of you who participated in this event!
whether you donated your time, talent, and efforts or just attended the benefit, it could not have been possible without each and every one of you!
collectively, we raised approximately $4000 for this event!!!
it was wildly successful and a powerful fulfillment of our vision as a community!

here is a sweet video summary created by the mustang daily!"

Thanks to Mikaela Akuna for covering this event!

"also, special thanks go out to:
{please let me know if i left someone off of the list!}
jen and brandon manuele
sally loo
all the workers at sally loo's!
members of slo refuge
all of the talented face painters!
dan and jodie davies
travis adelman
the wells family
rosemary poblacion
pacheco kindergartners and daria hernandez
mary o'neill
craig van rooyen
stephen eastwood
heidi shelton
jim ringley
adela soo
neal breton of san luis art supply
sharon burnett
andy padre
yvonne macias
ashley kitto
becca flaiz
michael young and tommy panigot of le grand cru
shannon and jesse moore
matt cross
amy williams
adam pasion
crooked wheel
sierra chavez
black water union
josh collins
jon gallo and alicia baratta
talia ortega"

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